HelpDesk Software – How to Choose a Worthy Program?

Choosing a HelpDesk solution is quite a challenging task that requires a deep understanding of the question and a bundle of nuances to be taken into account when picking and configuring the system. The choice of the HelpDesk software should begin with drawing up a list of criteria featuring both the strengths and weaknesses of an IT solution. The selection criteria can be very different (from the program cost and its set of functions to the technologies used, the quick start capabilities and the vendor’s brand reputation).

The specification of this list and the importance of its individual factors depend primarily on the requirements of the company/ team and their critical business value. If you have no idea what technical specs of the solution to assess, we have prepared for you a classification of factors that can be taken into account at the stage of choosing an IT solution.

How to Choose Quality HelpDesk?

There are five main criteria to bear in mind when choosing an ITSM solution.

  1. Price – It is necessary to comprehend which of the “components” form the pricing policy of the IT product. Thus, you can predict and most accurately calculate the entire amount of possible financial costs on:
  • the acquisition of licenses;
  • equipment and software;
  • additional modules that are not included in the main functionality of the system;
  • system support at all stages of its implementation/ functioning (technical support, improvements, and development, version upgrade, training, etc.).

2. Convenience and ease of use/ personalization – It is important to test how convenient the tool will be for the IT service and for other business users. Make sure to test what mechanisms are used for configuring the interface, data, role models, localization and the working environment in general.

3. Flexibility to be customized based on business logic – Take into account the potential of the IT product in terms of its adaptability and life cycles. Clarify if it can be integrated with other solutions you use and what types of objects and other parameters should be taken into account in your business model.

4. ITIL compliance – Assess how widely IT service management tools are represented: which ITIL processes are supported, and how they are applicable and adaptable in practice.

5. Experience and customer reviews – Read customer feedback on the HelpDesk solution, study cases, and research industry offers, as well as the general pool of completed projects.

Of course, it is difficult to make the right decision, especially if you have no clue in it. That’s why we strongly recommend you to check free solutions or request a test drive of a program in case you are going to purchase it.

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