Helpdesk Software – Should You Pay for It or No?

As modern innovative technologies and IT services become available, the level of customer service is gradually increasing. Companies are trying to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of consumers. When a user has a problem, he can send a request containing a description of the issue and a request solving it. This is where HelpDesk software is of great importance for both customers and companies servicing them. Let’s take a look at the main requirements a high-quality HelpDesk software is to meet as well as the question of its price.

Features of Quality HelpDesk Solution

The process of HelpDesk functioning is not as simple as it seems to many. It consists of several stages, which include the following ones:

  1. Filling out the form;
  2. Sending a request confirmation (if it has been set up);
  3. Application assignment to a dedicated specialist;
  4. Issue analysis and resolution;
  5. Sending notification messages to users, etc.

Companies with a large customer base should use the query system for a prompt, organized and high-quality solution of consumer problems. Unfortunately, only paid and highly flexible software products can successfully cope with this task. It is simply impossible to find a free HelpDesk solution that could be smoothly integrated and be stable.

Apart from just being flexible and high-quality, a good HelpDesk system should comply with the basic parameters.

  • The possibility of being installed on any server;
  • Product support of software developers and the community of its users – the software should be regularly updated and maintained;
  • Comprehensibility and structured source code;
  • Implementation of an open source PHP system that allows fine-tuning for a particular company;
  • Using MySQL, PostgreSQL databases (optional);
  • Web interface for working with user requests;
  • The easy-to-access format of displaying the request history;
  • The possibility of ticket escalation (in case it is missed out or lost in backlog);
  • Template availability;
  • Extended functionality for ticket search: by department, date, employee, content, subject.

Good customer service is the basis for quality helpdesk solution. The utility allows companies to track and execute customer-generated tickets, prioritize them, thus, assuring professional and qualified customer assistance. And far from every HelpDesk program can boast an extensive functionality allowing for top-level customer support. As a rule, only paid solutions to work well and are 100% stable in any environments.

Automate the in-house technical support service! Instead of being focused on the software price, research a solution that solves the problem of recording and processing user requests for technical support, preparing and sending solutions to emerging problems. Quality HelpDesk software is not just a program for support services, but an entire platform for serving and attracting customers, which offers multi-channel support. In other words, communication with customers by phone, chat, e-mail, social networks, and any other channel is brought together. Demonstrate your customers how professional you are in everything you do!

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